Commit 26b2d0a2 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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refactor: rename into

parent ca8e2994db4e
......@@ -73,14 +73,14 @@ CLI pattern looks like:
GITLAB_TOKEN=... python3 [-h] [-a] [-i] [-m] [-n NUMBER] [-q QUERY] {fix-README,add-tox,add-pytest-deprecated-warnings-cmd,replace-set-attributes-by-set-cw,update-licence-dates}
GITLAB_TOKEN=... cube-doctor [-h] [-a] [-i] [-m] [-n NUMBER] [-q QUERY] {fix-README,add-tox,add-pytest-deprecated-warnings-cmd,replace-set-attributes-by-set-cw,update-licence-dates}
GITLAB_TOKEN=... python3 fix-README
GITLAB_TOKEN=... cube-doctor fix-README
This GITLAB_TOKEN is an heptapod/gitlab access token. You can manage yours here
......@@ -385,4 +385,4 @@ So, an example query to only select the activitystream could be done like this:
GITLAB_TOKEN=... python3 fix-README -q '?project doap:name "cubicweb-activitystream"'
GITLAB_TOKEN=... cube-doctor fix-README -q '?project doap:name "cubicweb-activitystream"'
......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ setup(
description="Keep the cubes in good shape!",
"console_scripts": [
"cube-doctor = cube_doctor.doctor_hg:main",
"cube-doctor-local = cube_doctor.doctor_hg:main_local",
"cube-doctor = cube_doctor.main:main",
"cube-doctor-local = cube_doctor.main:main_local",
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