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chore(pkg): new minor release (0.38.0)

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## Version 0.38.0 (2022-01-13)
### 🎉 New features
- Change Python minimum version from 3.4 to 3.7
- don't use type vars where not necessary
- make internal types private
- move AnyStatement to stmts
- move Graph type to stmts
- move Solution and SolutionsList type aliases to
- move some types in
- Remove comparison feature
- remove import of BaseNode
- remove
- remove TranslationFunction from rqltypes
- replace rqltypes.AnyStatementNode by stmts.AnyStatement
- Update Gitlab CI to run Cubicweb's tests with latest RQL's updates
- use explicit typing for children
### 👷 Bug fixes
- annotation: check Function children to detect potential aggragation. (
- fix typo in test
- Install Yapps from Logilab's forge (#12)
- lint: make flake8 accept some monkeypatches
- move Graph to stmts and fix its definition
- remove conditional around Protocol import
- remove unused import to BaseNode
### 🤖 Continuous integration
- put linting job in the lint stage
- reorganize .gitlab-ci.yml jobs positions in the file to put linting jobs first
- start to migrate to open-source/gitlab-ci-templates
- uses our own docker image for python
### 🤷 Various changes
- Add types within module
- Begin adding type hints to rql/__init__
- feat! remove resolver_class argument to RQLHelper constructor
- feat!: remove unused index_path/go_to_index_path functions
- feat!: remove unused module rqlgen
- feat!: remove unused pygments_ext module
- Fix Argument 1 to "__call__" of "TranslationFunction" has incompatible type
- fix minor errors F821
- fix!: use patched version of yapps2
*BREAKING CHANGE*: this shouldn't affect projects since updating rql will automacally install the new dependency.
- flake8: Fix [E301] expected 1 blank line, found 0
- flake8: Fix W293 blank line contains whitespace
- Improve function signature, remove unused type alias
- Improve type hint for RQLHelpher __init__ method
- Improve various type hints
- make get_nodes & iget_nodes more generic
- mypy: add IsASelectionManager protocol
- mypy: Add type hints for EtypeResolver class:
- mypy: Finish type-hints addition to module
- mypy: Improve type aliases
- mypy: Improve type annotation for `_visit` method:
- mypy: Improve type annotation for set_limit method
- mypy: Improve type annotation for visit_insert & visit_delete
- mypy: Improve type hints for module
- mypy: Improve type hints inside rql/ module
- mypy: Type RQLHelper's schema attribute as ISchema
- refactor: rename currently misleading name '_init_stmt' to '_init_scope_node'
- Replace mypy type:ignore comments that were moved by Black
- Type hint the undo module
- Update tox configuration
- Use protocol to declare type of translation function
## Version 0.37.0 (2021-05-04)
### 🎉 New features
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ from distutils.core import Extension
__docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
modname = "rql"
numversion = (0, 37, 0)
numversion = (0, 38, 0)
version = ".".join(str(num) for num in numversion)
license = "LGPL"
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