Commit 118d849a authored by Nsukami Patrick's avatar Nsukami Patrick
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[mypy] Remove useless cast

parent 890ab7a74518
......@@ -880,15 +880,11 @@ class Select(Statement, nodes.EditableMixIn, ScopeNode):
index = next(
i for i, o in enumerate(self.orderby) if oldnode.is_equivalent(o)
# Unsupported target for indexed assignment ("Iterable[Any]") [index]
self.orderby = cast(List, self.orderby)
self.orderby[index] = newnode
elif any(oldnode.is_equivalent(g) for g in self.groupby):
index = next(
i for i, g in enumerate(self.groupby) if oldnode.is_equivalent(g)
# Unsupported target for indexed assignment ("Iterable[Any]") [index]
self.groupby = cast(List, self.groupby)
self.groupby[index] = newnode
elif any(oldnode.is_equivalent(h) for h in self.having):
index = next(
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